Sunday, February 24, 2013

Vacation Motivation

Yes, it’s that time again; time to start getting back into bathing suit shape. There’s nothing like an upcoming trip to get me moving!

One way I stay motivated is by wearing a pedometer and trying to put 10,000 steps on it a day. I just bought a new pedometer that resets itself at midnight so I can’t cheat. :-)  I also filled up my iPod with songs that remind me of vacation, songs by Bob Marley, Zac Brown Band, Kenny Chesney (and of course, Gwen Stefani’s "The Sweet Escape").

My favorite vacation song is "I Can See Clearly Now" because it reminds me of our trip to Couples Swept Away in Negril, Jamaica. Negril has one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen – soft white sand and calm, crystal clear turquoise water. The beach is public so it is busy with vendors peddling trinkets, conch shells and Jet Ski rides and musicians playing for tips. One morning two musicians stopped in front of our beach chairs and sang "I Can See Clearly Now". It was the perfect song for a perfect day.

7-Mile Beach, Negril
7-Mile Beach, Negril

Look all around, there’s nothing but blue skies
Look straight ahead, there’s nothing but blue skies
It’s gonna be a bright, bright sun-shiny day
("I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash)

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