Friday, September 27, 2013

Enchantment Day 3 - Coco Cay

The forecast for Sunday had been calling for heavy tropical rains, so I wasn’t sure we would get to Coco Cay. But Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny with light seas. Yay, we were going to make it! We had a quick breakfast (at the Park Café this time) and got on a tender around 9 o’clock. Not many people were on the island yet so there were plenty of open lounge chairs. We settled in under a shady pine tree near the water sports area, where we sat last time. It was a great location – away from the crowded spots but not too far from the lunch tables and snorkeling area.

observation tower

Coco Cay beach

We decided to take a walk around the island before the day got too hot, so we walked down to the end of the beaches. The farther we got, the more peaceful it was. There were a few palapas scattered here and there and lots of sea oats and pretty palm trees. The water was impossibly blue. It looked like something straight out of a travel magazine.

beach chairs

palm trees

palm tree

On the way back from our walk, we found the inflatable water slide. That looked like fun. It cost $4 for one ride or $20 for the whole day. I went ahead and signed up for the whole day. While I was waiting for my turn, there was a lady on the slide who was part of a large church group called OASIS (Older Americans Still in Service). She was laughing the whole way down the slide and obviously having a blast. Everyone should have that much fun. And I’m not going to add “at her age”. Everyone should have that much fun at any age! I wanted to be just like that lady. At the top of the slide, I got a little nervous because it looked so high. But then I thought, if she could do it, so could I. Wheee!! Down I went, and then again and again. I was glad I got the full day pass. :-)

After lunch, we went snorkeling and found some sunken cannons we hadn’t seen before. The water was cloudier than it was last year (we probably should have snorkeled in the morning before everyone stirred up the water), but it was still worth the long swim. There were tons of fish, just like swimming in a fish bowl. It was a perfect beach day.

inflatable slide

Enchantment of the Seas at Coco Cay

sea gulls

That night we didn’t have dinner reservations, so when we got to the dining room, we were seated at a different waiter’s table. I was really surprised when Teresa came to take our order. She said that she and Natalie were going to take care of us even though it wasn’t their table. There was another couple seated in Teresa’s section who wanted the other waiter so it all worked out. Except that poor Teresa and the other waiter kept getting mixed up and going to the wrong tables. :-)  I was really glad we got the chance to see Teresa and Natalie again and tell them thank you. They were a great team.

Dinner was delicious – I had the Caprese salad, chilled strawberry bisque and garlic tiger shrimp. Ron ordered one of just about everything and ended up being way too full. I really didn’t want to fall asleep at 10 o’clock again so after dinner we went to the Centrum to watch the “Finish That Lyric” game. Then we took a walk around the pool deck, enjoying the full moon and the lights of the ship.

In the morning, we did the “self-carry departure” and were in our car by 9. We made it almost all the way home before the rains started.

arches at night

pool deck at night

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