Monday, February 24, 2014

ICEBAR Orlando

Icebar Orlando

On Saturday, Ron and I headed to Mickey Mouse World for a visit to ICEBAR Orlando. We’d bought tickets through Travel Zoo a few months ago and finally had the chance to get away for the weekend. When we checked in with the hostess, we were each given a fur coat, gloves and a token for a drink of our choice. Then we were ushered into the icy bar. The room was actually a lot smaller than I was expecting but it was still very cool (no pun intended). Everything was made of ice, including the bar stools and tables, several ice sculptures and a giant ice throne, all lit with color-changing lights. The drinks even came in cups made out of ice. Ron was a good sport, even though he absolutely hates being cold. It probably helped that they had Fireball Whiskey, one of his favorites. :-)

When our fingers and toes went numb, we moved to the adjoining Fire Lounge to warm up and try out the smoking CO2 martinis. It definitely wasn’t the cheapest place to get a drink but it was a unique and fun experience.

Icebar Orlando

ice fireplace

ice snowglobe

Fireball ice sculpture

Ron and Fireball

stuffed polar bear

Ron and Susan with polar bear

Fire Lounge martini
Fire Lounge smoking martini

Icebar sign

 Travel Tips: The bar often hosts private functions so be sure to check their online calendar before you go to avoid disappointment ( Closed-toed shoes are highly recommended! 

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  1. Very very cool! Especially the smoking martinis! I imagine closed-toes shoes would be a good idea.