Saturday, May 2, 2015

Celebrity Summit Day 2 - Sea Day

I didn’t sleep very well and woke up with a headache. I sat out on the balcony for a little while and then decided that something was missing. Oh yes, coffee! So I snuck out of the room and went down to Café Al Bacio to pick up some coffee and croissants to go. Much better.


Cafe Al Bacio croissants

croissants on the balcony

When Ron got up, we went to the buffet for breakfast. We’d planned to eat with Mama and Daddy but at 8:30 we were done eating and they still hadn’t shown up. So we gave up and took a stroll around deck. We found the gym (which was packed) and the spa. Since we were already there, I decided to ask about making an appointment for a manicure. I don’t usually get manicures since I seem to chip them so quickly. But that night was formal night and I figured I could at least make it last long enough to have our formal pictures taken. They had an opening at 9 o’clock so I signed up. I had a great view of the ocean as Raquel from Jamaica worked on my hands. Strangely, instead of the usual spa music they were playing “Fireball”. I was fine with that. Pitbull sounds more like vacation to me than that Zen stuff. :-)

We spent the rest of the day doing a whole lotta nothin’. We sat by the pool for a few hours, had lunch at the buffet, and then picked up drinks at the Oceanview Bar to sip on our balcony. I was so glad that we’d decided to book a balcony cabin. I loved being able to sit out there and watch the sailaways and the sunsets. For a weekend cruise, a regular oceanview cabin is fine but I don’t think I’ll do another 7-day cruise without a balcony.

Celebrity Summit main pool
main pool



Oceanview Bar



Since that night was formal night, we dressed in our “fancy clothes”. Ron wasn’t too happy about having to wear a jacket and tie, but I thought he looked great in his new suit. I was determined to get at least one picture of all four of us together, so we met Mama and Daddy at 6 o’clock to have a few formal portraits taken before dinner. When we got to the dining room afterwards, there was a waiting list so we were given a beeper. I’d tried to make dinner reservations earlier in the day, and that was when I found out that they only take reservations for 5:45 or 8 o’clock. Well, that was not going to work. If we wanted to eat at those crazy hours, we wouldn’t have booked Select Dining. :-(  But the wait really wasn’t all that long (maybe 20 minutes) and it gave us a chance to sit and watch everyone walking by in their formalwear.

After dinner Mama and Daddy went to see the production show and Ron and I hit the casino. There were a couple of $10 Black Jack tables so we picked one and played for a while. I ended up losing $30 but I picked up a new $1 chip for my collection. Before going to bed, we stopped for a little while at the martini bar but we didn’t stay too late since we had a tour in the morning.

formal picture

formal picture with Mama and Daddy

martini bar

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  1. I'm craving those cupcakes, just about crawled into my computer screen to get one! And it's so cute how you and Mama have the black lace/white lace dresses. Very charming.