Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Celebrity Summit Day 7 - St Thomas

Friday was our wind-down day so we didn’t plan anything too strenuous. After breakfast we did a little packing (boo!) and then met Mama and Daddy to take the sky ride to Paradise Point, an observation deck and bar overlooking Charlotte Amalie harbor. The last time we were in St Thomas, Mama and I had planned to go to Paradise Point on our own while Ron and Daddy went scuba diving. But the dive boat broke down and the scuba trip was cancelled so we all ended up going up the mountain together. Even though the guys were really disappointed that they didn’t get to dive, it turned out to be one of our great cruise memories. Paradise Point was such a beautiful place. Plus, that was when Mama and I discovered their famous Bushwacker, a frozen drink with Baileys, Kahlua, Amaretto, Crème de Cacao, vodka, rum and Coco Lopez.

Paradise Point was just as gorgeous as we remembered. On the ride up, I even forgot that I really don’t like sky rides! :-)  We spent about two hours on the mountain, just talking and enjoying the views and the wonderful breezes. We shared some nachos and Mama and I each got a Bushwacker. I walked around a little to take some pictures and when I got back to our table, Mama had fallen completely asleep in her chair! It really was that relaxing.

on the skyride

Paradise Point and ship


Paradise Point skyride

skyride cars

Mama with a Bushwacker

Susan and Mama

That night I wasn’t up for another 2-hour dinner marathon so I suggested that we eat at Bistro on Five instead. Bistro on Five used to be a crepe restaurant with a $5 cover charge, but recently they’ve added more menu items and upped the charge to $10. It was a good choice, much quieter and more intimate than the dining room. I had the nightly special, braised short ribs with polenta, and a banana and Nutella crepe for dessert. Delicious. And it didn’t take two hours!

Celebrity Summit Bistro on Five
Bistro on Five

Bistro on Five

After dinner, Daddy and I swapped pictures from our SD cards and we said our goodnights. Then Ron and I went down to the casino for one more round of Black Jack. It was a lucky table and Ron and I both ended up ahead for the week. We had one last drink at the martini bar and then it was time to finish packing.

It was a wonderful week, especially all the time with Mama and Daddy which I’ve missed so much since they moved. I also loved the itinerary – pulling into a new port every morning and setting sail every night. I thought we’d struck just the right balance between touring and relaxing. Ron said his favorite island was St Martin. I liked them all for different reasons but I think my favorite was Barbados. Maybe there’s a trip to Sandals Barbados in our future? :-)


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  1. What a wonderful job you do with writing and pictures of these great trips! You take us along with you, Susan, or in this case take us back to those grand times and sites and sights that we enjoyed so much together!