Sunday, May 17, 2015

Zoominations at Lowry Park Zoo

This weekend, Ron and I went to see Zoominations, a Chinese lantern festival at Lowry Park Zoo. The art of lantern-making has been part of Chinese culture for thousands of years, dating back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD). Lowry Park’s exhibit, created by a team of 40 craftsmen from the Sichuan Province, was a fantastical mix of traditional Chinese symbols for peace, wealth and happiness and larger-than-life zoo animals. Most of the lanterns were made from colorful silk fabric over steel frames and lit with LED lights. But there was also a 60-foot high replica of the Manfeilong Pagoda constructed entirely out of porcelain plates and cups. My favorite display was the koi pond and garden of pearl flowers – just stunning.

Zoominations entrance
"The Gate to China"

Peonies are the national flower of China


Manfeilong Pagoda
Replica of the Manfeilong Pagoda, made from porcelain plates and cups




Lantern Corridor
"Lantern Corridor"

"Blessing from Qilin"
The Qilin is a mythical creature with the head of a dragon, the antlers of a deer and the hooves of a horse.
The display was made from tiny bottles filled with colored water.

dragon lantern

The Chinese dragon symbolizes the emperor and represents power and strength

purple flowers

pandas in bamboo


elephant bearing vase
Elephants are thought to bring peace and good luck

Colorful Pearls lantern
"Colorful Pearls"

pearl flowers

koi pond

koi lantern
The lotus is one of the eight Buddhist symbols of good fortune

Travel Tips: Zoominations will be at Lowry Park Zoo until June 28. Groupon is currently offering discount tickets.


  1. Wow! This is quite an exhibit! So glad you could go, and so glad you shared with us all!

  2. Oooh, so beautiful!