Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Palm Island Weekend

Palm Island

For the past few years, our friend Mike and a group of his friends have rented condos on Palm Island the week before Father’s Day. He invited us to join him a couple of times but for various reasons we weren’t able to go. With no plans this year, we finally accepted the invitation and drove down on Saturday.

Palm Island is a small barrier island not far from Sarasota with a collection of cottages and villas called the Palm Island Resort occupying most of the north end. There is no bridge to the island so you have to take a short ferry ride to get there. There are also very few roads, and once on the resort property, it is strictly golf carts and bikes. We left our car parked on the “mainland” and paid the pedestrian walk-on fee ($7 a person) for the ride across.

This is not the place for someone looking for lots of activity. The resort has a restaurant, a coffee/ice cream shop, tennis courts, a couple of shared swimming pools, and kayaks and paddle boards to rent. But mainly it is a place to get away and chill, and that is exactly what we did. Mike and his friends had set up tents on the beach where we hung out all day, floating in the water or taking walks to look for shells and shark's teeth. Mike’s kids were a lot better at spotting the shark's teeth than Ron and I. We only found two but they had handfuls of them. We also had fun tooling around the dirt roads on the golf cart. For dinner that night, everyone brought food down to the beach and we watched a spectacular sunset while we ate on the sand.

Palm Island Resort

view from balcony

beach path

Palm Island beach


beach flowers

turtle nest
sea turtle nest

Ron and Mike


Shark's Tooth Beach
"Shark's Tooth Beach", the northernmost point of the island

golf cart parking

houses at dusk

tents on beach
dinner on the beach

Susan at sunset

clouds in distance

Palm Island sunset

In the morning before everyone else was awake, Ron and I grabbed some coffee from the coffee shop to take down to the beach for one last walk. We saw a group of people taking a yoga class and three brand new turtle nests. What a beautiful, peaceful place.

Palm Island coffee shop

Susan in golf cart

sea turtle tracks
turtle tracks

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