Saturday, July 18, 2015

How to Survive a Long Flight

travel bag

When we were growing up, we flew back and forth from Korea every three or four years. According to my mom, we were well-behaved travelers. Some of the other passengers on our plane may remember differently. :-)  But we were pretty good at keeping ourselves occupied. We made up elaborate schedules of who got the window seats on which legs of the trip. We also each carried our own travel bag, a tote bag filled with crafts, books and toys.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Philippe Park

Philippe Park marker

July is National Parks and Recreation Month, and here in Florida we are lucky to have lots of beautiful parks. One of my favorites is Philippe Park in Safety Harbor. The park, located at the top of Tampa Bay, has a mile of shoreline, picnic shelters, a boat ramp and parking area for boat trailers, and a canopy of oak trees draped in Spanish moss (I love those trees). Another interesting feature of the park is the large Tocobaga Indian mound, listed in the National Register of Historic Landmarks.

Philippe Park was named after Count Odet Philippe, who is credited for introducing grapefruit and other citrus trees to the area. Count Philippe is buried on the grounds of the park, the site of his former plantation.