Saturday, July 18, 2015

How to Survive a Long Flight

travel bag

When we were growing up, we flew back and forth from Korea every three or four years. According to my mom, we were well-behaved travelers. Some of the other passengers on our plane may remember differently. :-)  But we were pretty good at keeping ourselves occupied. We made up elaborate schedules of who got the window seats on which legs of the trip. We also each carried our own travel bag, a tote bag filled with crafts, books and toys.

Flying isn’t nearly the fun adventure it was when we were little. For one thing, I think the plane seats shrank! But there are ways to make those long flights more tolerable. With our trip to Hawaii coming up, I’ve been putting together my adult-version travel bag. I’ve got my iPad charged and loaded with a Stephen King novel and the movie Gone Girl. I’ve got a notebook for journaling and a brand new coloring book with coloring pencils. (Hey, adults like to color too! Try Googling "coloring books for adults".) Staying comfortable is key so I'm also packing a pair of snugly sleeping socks and my inflatable lumbar support pillow.

They say it’s the journey, not the destination, but sometimes it would nice to skip the journey and get straight to the destination. Are we there yet???

flying in 1971
Flying in 1971 - Did the seats get smaller or did we get bigger?
(photo by Betts Huntley)


  1. Well, of course I loved this one! I'm reading a great book, The Astronaut Wives' Club and thinking a lot about aviation and flying ... also getting ready to head off for Hawaii on one of those long flights! Susan, I too, packed a couple of adult coloring books to take to Hawaii! Colored pencils, markers, and crayons, and a book of Acrostics. Also To Kill a Mockingbird and our next book club read, and a copy of my book because a TV crew is coming to make a documentary about early women missionaries to Korea just a couple of days after we get back, so I better cram a little - I've forgotten so much! I cherish this 1971 picture!

  2. I think long flights can be made tolerable at best. When they're full flights and everyone is fighting for elbow room they can be especially bad. But it looks like crowding wasn't a problem on that flight.

    1. They usually let families with small children on first. :-)

  3. Adult coloring books, yes! I'm enjoying mine very much.